I set up this blog with the intention of providing myself with a notepad to explore and record ideas that interest me, but that may also be of interest to a broader audience. The posts will be mixed in their media and structure, including concept explorations, thoughts on books I’m reading, sketches of projects or aspects of projects I am working on, as well as photographs of places, space and things that interest me.

Typically, posts will explore or comment on ideas related to green building and city design, including regenerative, resilient and symbiotic design, and all related topics - but I am leaving myself the latitude to explore any subject that I think falls within the I.D.E.A.S. spectrum.

Over time I suspect that some key themes will begin to emerge, but I don’t feel any need to restrict myself at this point. Again, this blog is first and foremost a means of keeping track and recording ideas as I develop them, but with the understanding that, even though unfinished or resolved the concepts explored may be of interest to others.

I do hope that, if you find yourself interested in one of my posts, you let me know your own thoughts on the ideas explored in the blog by leaving me a comment.

Craig Applegath, April 26, 2014

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